Obsidian is a young four-piece Progressive Metalcore band from Nantes, France.

In February 2020, after two years of defining their identity, their first album “before” is released.

Obsidian is inspired by diverse scenes. From post-hardcore heaviness and ambient melodies to irregular forefront rhythmics.

They put significant efforts into their live performance atmosphere thanks to a custom light show with DIY elements along with thick fog. Their versatile songwriting allowed them to support Hypno5e in early 2020.

Drive passion

The aim of Obsidian's communication plan was to create brand awareness and expose their music and image to most people we could. I had the chance to create their overall visual identity and every piece of communication they have.


“Obsidian” is the name of a black volcanic glass. Their identity invokes: Nature, Minerality, Rain, Rocks, Waves, Forets.

The symbole that represents them best is the stratum as it the different layers of a rock which refers to their songwriting.

Crack platforms algorithms

Gathering every piece of content from the band allowed me to create promotional content on Instagram. Thanks to the online campaigns, we spread Obsidian's audience from 0 to more than a thousand listeners on Spotify and got the single "Rea(lies)" to be featured on editorial playlists.

Music video editing

Consent is a live session video I edited from Evil in Motion Prod's shots during the performance.